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Society of Women Engineers



Welcome to the ASU Chapter of SWE – The Society of Women Engineers!

Active Member Requirements


As an active member, you will be considered eligible for ALL of the ASU SWE events that we put on, will be added to our resume bank that is given to all our corporate sponsors, and upon registering as a SWE National Member, you will be eligible for leadership positions and have the ability to vote in our elections!

1. Register to be a SWE National Member

SWE Member Sign Up

2. Join our SunDevilSync Page as a member

Registration Tutorial 

3. Join our Slack Page and explore our pages!

SWE Member Sign Up

4. Meet the event attendance requirements

Event Attendance


Fall 2020 SWE Calendar and Requirements

Are you looking to become an active member, which means you get special perks like joining our resume bank and attending active member events – then Check out our Fall 2020 Calendar and Requirements Slides!

We will also have our meetings uploaded on SunDevilSync, the Google Calendar linked to Slack, linked on Facebook, and in spreadsheet form. You will always get reminders for events during our weekly newsletter!

We also highly recommend subscribing to our weekly newsletter! 

Stay up to date with upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and industry partnerships by subscribing to the newsletter! If you have further questions email our secretary Clare Peterson at

Can’t Make a Meeting – Look for our Meeting Slides released after every meeting!

For all meeting slides, join our slack channel and look at #meeting_notes_19-20