Our Sponsors fuel our mission to empower women to reach their full potential as engineers. Their support enables SWE at ASU to host over 60 events annually for 300+ members that facilitate professional, academic, and social growth.

Interested in Sponsoring SWE at ASU?

Refer to our Corporate Sponsorship Package for more information. Donations to our organization are tax-deductible and go towards supporting women in engineering through professional development and community outreach.

Contact Morgan Strube, our Director of Industry Relations, at [email protected] to discuss further details. 

Sponsorship Tiers

The following table shows the benefits you receive by donating to SWE at ASU. Sponsorship Tier will be determined by the total sum of all donations annually from the calendar date of a company’s first donation.

Current Sponsors




Become a sponsor today and support SWE at ASU’s drive to promote diversity in engineering. Contact our Director of Industry Relations at [email protected] to discuss further details. 

Through your sponsorship, we are able to further reach our goals and expand our impact on the community. Learn more about how SWE at ASU is generating positive change.