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Society of Women Engineers

Chloe Stoops, a senior at Arete Prep Academy in Gilbert, Arizona, is working towards the Girl Scouts Gold Award – one of the highest achievements a girl scout can earn. The purpose of the Girl Scout Gold Award project is to create or move towards a sustainable solution that addresses a problem in a community. With her strong interest in STEM, Stoops has decided to major in aerospace engineering and minor in astrophysics when she attends university next Fall.

Naturally, for her project, she has created a way to recruit more young women to STEM-related fields. She writes,

“For my project, I created a website to encourage and inspire girls to get more involved in STEM, as well as inform people about the issue of women in STEM as a whole. I talked to and surveyed many women in STEM and a lot of them noted how they wished they had had more women role models or mentors in STEM to look up to. I created easy to read blog posts about each of the women so that young girls may be inspired by their stories and have them as role models to look up to.”

Inspired to take on a difficult subject, Stoops noted that she was shocked by the discrimination women face in the STEM workplace. Yet, she knew that she “wanted to be a part of positively changing this.” After some investigation, she found that this issue exists largely due to the lack of information and models for girls interested in these fields. After all, they are largely dominated by men.

She hopes that her website will be able to provide more resources to those young women that are interested in the STEM fields and inspire them to pursue a career in this industry. The website can be found at the link below:

At 17 years old, Chloe Stoops has always been fascinated by outer space and hopes to one day work for NASA. Her favorite subject in school is math, and outside of school, she plays volleyball, soccer, and track and field. She serves as the co-president of her school’s Student Life Team, similar to a typical student council. Outside of this she additionally enjoys hiking, kayaking, and spending time with friends and family.